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Leonid Pasternak: Artist, Illustrator and Husband

As part of events marking the 65th anniversary of Pushkin House, Ann and Michael Pasternak Slater, two of the grandchildren of the painter Leonid Pasternak, will give illustrated talks about aspects of his life and work. An exhibition of Leonid Pasternak’s paintings was one of the earliest exhibitions at Pushkin House, and his work will features in the upcoming exhibition.

Leonid Pasternak was the father of Boris Pasternak, lived in England with his daughters Josephine and Lydia, after emigrating in 1921 to Berlin, and coming to England in 1939. Boris and his brother remained in Russia. The talks will be given by two of Leonid's grandchildren: Michael and Ann - niece and nephew of Boris Pasternak.

Ann Pasternak Slater will give a talk entitled -  ‘Leonid Pasternak: mimic of Pushkin, friend and illustrator of Tolstoy’, and Michael Pasternak Slater will speak about ‘Rozalia Pasternak seen as Omphale by her husband Leonid’.

When Leonid came to England, he brought with him many of the paintings, drawings and 
sketches he had created throughout his career.  He spent the last 6 years of his life in the house 
in Oxford where Michael and Ann grew up, and where a large collection of his work is still housed.  

Michael, Ann and other members of their family have spent many years looking after the
collection and promoting Leonid's reputation.  They have created a website where some of his works are reproduced, and where details are given of his biography and that of his son Boris, the poet and author of Dr. Zhivago